Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide comprehensive college planning services, creating excellent results that meet the individual needs of each client ethically and responsibly.

How We Help Families:

At NCPS, we are afforded the opportunity to assist families in two areas of most concern to them: their finances and their children. Our team of experts work with students throughout the college application process including career planning, student positioning, and financial positioning. Services include highly developed assessments, setting up student interviews with professionals in various fields, choosing the right college, community service, athletic and merit scholarships, essays, college resumes, application and financial aid deadlines and much more. We also assist families in paying as little as possible for college through careful analysis of college choices, comprehensive planning and financial aid strategizing.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every family and every student is offered hands-on, personalized assistance through each step of the process! Through our one-on-one appointments, group workshops and webinars, we help your kids reach their full potential.

Derek and Cindy’s Story:

Life has been good to us. A healthy family, two great jobs and three amazing kids. However, time flies. Elementary and middle school came and went, and before we knew it, all three of our kids were in high school facing their next phase in life – college. Stressed about helping our kids with the process, and after receiving a flyer in the mail, we attended a financial aid workshop at the local library. Attending the workshop reassured us that our stress was valid and decreased our confidence in our ability to help our kids, so we hired a college planning company to assist us. Excited and relieved, we left the process in their hands.

A year later, our daughter was severely injured in a cheerleading accident, and I had to stay home to take care of her. It was during that time that I realized my kids were very behind in the college application process. Disappointed, I jumped into mom mode and dove into an extensive research project. Eventually helping them with their essays, interviews, and applications, we managed to get their applications out on time.

Over time, the denials and acceptances started rolling in, and Katelyn was denied from her top school, Chapman University. After much grieving (and pouting) I encouraged her to appeal the decision. She wrote another essay, contacted admissions and moved forward thinking she would be attending the University of San Francisco instead of Chapman. Months later, the notice came in the mail – she was accepted to Chapman for spring semester!

Katelyn has since moved on from Chapman University and is completing a Masters program in Washington, and Bryce has graduated from the University of San Francisco with an undergraduate degree in Architecture. Our third child, Megan, is about to begin a new adventure as she prepares to transfer from our local community college.

Wishing that the company we had hired focused more on my kids rather than trying to get us to sign a life insurance policy; having had a lot of fun with my kids in the process; and watching them confidently venture off to a new life, I was inspired to do it right for other families. So, instead of going back to Corporate America, I went back to school and received a certificate in College Counseling from UCLA. My journey began and my dream of having my own company that helped families with this incredibly complex process came to fruition.

Ultimately, National College Planning Solutions was born out of a deep desire to help families. We get to help lower your stress, reduce the amount of money you pay for college, and maximize your kids strengths and attributes, so they are accepted into the right-fit college while you, the parents’, are confident that you are paying as little as possible for their college education.

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