Hello students, even though you report your scores on your applications, you must still send them to the schools!

Make sure you check the due dates for each school based on applying early action, early decision or regular decision. In addition, if you are taking future tests, make sure you know which schools will accept the November and December tests, as not all schools will allow you to submit those scores.

Follow the directions below to send your scores:

UC Schools:

  • Report your highest ACT and/or SAT scores, from a single administration, on your admissions application
  • In College Board and/or ACTStudent.org, request that an official copy of all scores be sent to ONE UC Campus
  • Note: The UC schools require a copy of all your scores, even though you only report your highest test on the application
  • Remember: You can have your official score report sent to one UC campus, and all campuses you apply to will receive it

Cal State Schools:


  • Report your highest test scores in your CSU Mentor application
  • In College Board, request that an official copy of all test scores be sent to the CSU Mentor school code: 3594
  • Note: You do not need to send it to a specific school. Simply using the CSU Mentor code will allow all other Cal State Schools to see the scores you sent to the first school. If you send it to one Cal State School directly, the other schools will not see it – so make sure you use the code 3594.


  • Report your highest test scores in your CSU Mentor Application
  • Go to ACTStudent.org and request that an official copy of your scores be sent to ONE Cal State School
  • Wait one-two weeks after sending your scores to the Cal State school above, then go to the CSU Mentor homepage
  • Click on the Application tab
  • Click on ACT Scores Manager
  • Complete the requested information
  • Note: You must use the exact information as listed on your application or the ACT Scores Manager will not be able to match your information (name, address etc).
    Once you are in your account in ACT Score Manager, you may release the scores to the other Cal State schools you are applying to.
  • Note: If CSU Mentor has received the test scores that were sent to the first Cal State, you will be able to release the scores to the other schools. If you do not see the scores available for release, give it a little more time and check again. If two-three weeks have passed and you still do not see the scores, contact our office for support.

Common Application and Individual School Applications:

  • Send your scores to each individual school directly via College Board or ACTStudent before the deadline
  • Search for the school code and send directly to the school
  • Make sure you send all scores that you put on the Common Application
    • Example: If you used super scores from three tests, you must send all three tests. If you used super scores from two tests, you must send both test score reports; if you only used scores from one test, you only need to send the scores from that one test.

Special Notes:

  • Allow one–two weeks for delivery. Rush delivery may be available if you procrastinate, however, not all schools will allow rush delivery and it will cost your parents extra money, so please remember to send them on time!
  • Verify that the schools that you applied to received your tests  – This is done by checking your individual school portals every week after you apply. This will also be important in knowing whether or not the school is requesting any further information from you once you apply.