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FAFSA Filing Opens: 10/1/2018

CSS Profile Application Opens: 10/1/2018

Have you experienced any of the following changes this year?

  • A change in family dynamic – How will a marriage or divorce impact my financial aid?
  • A large increase or decrease in income – Will I lose or gain need-based aid with these changes?
  • A sibling started, completed or left college – How will my EFC be affected?
  • The addition of a family member – What additional expenses might I be able to include with this newest addition?
  • Sudden unexpected expenses or anticipated expenses for the upcoming year – How do I report these changes?

One wrong answer could mean losing out on thousands of dollars in financial aid over the course of your student’s college education!

fafsa applications

fafsa applications

NCPS has the answers to these questions and many more.

We can help you file your FAFSA
and maximize your financial aid.

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