Happy February to all … This month is about recognizing love through the holidays, but it is also about staying on track with your college application process. 

Remember students, we are almost to the finish line! So let’s begin … What is there to be aware of this month?


*First and foremost, be sure that you have completed everything from the previous month: 

Financial Aid:
Submit the FAFSA application and all profile financial aid forms. Do your colleges also require any individual financial aid forms? 

Note: Need assistance with filing your FAFSA applications? Small mistakes on your FAFSA could result in loss of thousands of dollars. Our team is designed to take on clients with FAFSA assistance for a small fee. Contact NCPS for more details. 

Follow-up with your list of Colleges:

  1. Are all of your materials submitted accordingly? Check on-line or call into the school for details on your application status. If yes – say thank you and relax. If no – find out what is missing and immediately send in the necessary material.  
  2. Have you changed any of your personal information since applying or received recent awards, athletic achievements, volunteer efforts, etc. Be sure to update the universities as soon as possible. 

Don’t be caught with Senioritis. Colleges are paying close attention to your second semester grades and you do not want to have any offers of acceptance rescinded.  This is your very last semester of high school classes, so make them count and continue to do your very best. 

High School Counselor Check Up:
Has your high school counselor mailed in the Midyear Reports to all of your schools? Make sure they include those at which you have already been accepted Early Action or Restricted Early Action.

Great work Seniors. Keep it up!

Questions? Contact the National College Planning Solution experts for assistance. 

Tune in for our month-to-month check-list updates. 
March’s To-Do List is coming soon.