Financial Positioning for College

Financial Positioning

As the cost of college rises exponentially each year, financial aid continues to be a growing concern for college bound students and families. Below is a list of questions and concerns we often hear at the NCPS office:

  • How do we pay for college?
  • Will we qualify for financial aid?
  • If so, what kind of aid will we qualify for?
  • What schools provide the best need-based aid?
  • What is the difference between need-based aid and merit aid?
    • If we qualify for one over the other, should we be looking for schools based on the type of aid we qualify for?
    • If so, which schools focus more on one over the other?
  • Will scholarships pay our student’s way through college?
  • How do we get a “free ride” –(is there even such a thing as a “free ride”?)
  • How and when do I file the FAFSA?
  • What is our Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?
  • What is a CSS Profile and do we need to fill it out?
  • What are IDOC forms and what does it mean to be considered for verification?
  • Can we appeal our financial aid award? If so, how?
  • What happens if we file our FAFSA and our circumstances change?
    • We have to suddenly take care of our parents and pay for our child in college at the same time…
    • We are no longer receiving my husband’s bonuses each year…
    • My spouse lost his/her job…
    • My spouse was injured and is now on disability…
    • We are going through a separation/divorce…
    • And many other unique questions that can possibly be a game-changer for financial aid!

Each of the questions above may result in a different answer, depending on the family and their financial situation. Every family is unique; therefore at NCPS we have teamed up with a professional company that specializes in the financial aspects of your college planning needs:

  • To get real answers for your family’s personal situation we will guide you through a series of questions designed to provide the most accurate planning available.
  • To provide detailed reports of your EFC, along with suggestions on how to lower your EFC, when applicable, pay less overall for college or save money by paying for college with pre-tax dollars.
  • They use a combination of tools and expertise to fairly estimate the amount of aid you can expect to receive if you choose to implement our ideas and suggestions.
  • They assist you in filing your FAFSA and CSS Profiles forms.
  • They assist with all verification forms, IDOC forms and writing appeals when applicable.

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