Seniors – How are you feeling? 

We have great news for you here at National College Planning Solutions- the hardest part of the college admission process is most likely done! By this point, you’ve submitted all (or almost all) of your college applications and you may be feeling that it is time to kick up your feet and await decision letters.  Though “crunch time” is officially behind you, first remember that you haven’t crossed the finish line yet, and then read closely, as you do not want all of that hard work to go to waste (and neither do we)! The light at the end of the tunnel is near, so we have provided this list as an easy way to stay on track and ensure your college applications are well-received by your schools’ admission teams. 


Early Decision Applications:
If you applied to any colleges under an Early Decision acceptance, and have now received decision, make sure that you go back and cancel your other college applications and notify them that you desire to withdraw. 

Early Action and Regular Decision Applications:
If you applied to any colleges under an Early Action and/or Regular Admission, it is time to notify your high school counselor to complete and submit Midyear Report forms. Midyear Reports are to be submitted as soon as possible after the first semester grades are available. 

Regular Applications:
January 1st and January 15th deadlines are now complete. Are you applying to any other schools with January deadlines?

Financial Aid:
Be sure to submit FAFSA and all profile financial aid forms. Do your colleges require any individual financial aid forms? 

Note: Need assistance with filing your FAFSA applications? Small mistakes on your FAFSA could result in loss of thousands of dollars. Our team is designed to take on clients with FAFSA assistance for a small fee. Contact NCPS for more details. 

Follow-up with your list of Colleges:

  1. Are all of your materials submitted accordingly? Check on-line or call into the school for details on your application status. If yes – say thank you and relax. If no – find out what is missing and immediately send in the necessary material.  
  2. Have you changed any of your personal information since applying or received recent awards, athletic achievements, volunteer efforts, etc. Be sure to update the universities as soon as possible. 

Admission Interviews:
If any of your colleges offer an admissions interview – do it! Need counseling on interview etiquette? Contact NCPS for information on one-on-one preparation assistance which will enable you to have your best food forward with the admission representatives. 

Tune in for our month-to-month check-list updates. 

February’s To-Do List is coming soon.