Hey pre-collegiate! Yeah, you! Feeling excited yet? …

Well you most definitely should be. The summer before heading off to college is a grand one. It is time to soak up the days with your family and high school friends. To reminisce on all the corny things your hometown has to offer. It isn’t that you won’t ever be back, however, it will feel nice as you find yourself settled into your new college space, to have these flash memories of your old home.

Below, we’ve prepared for you a quick check-list for the summer to make the transition to college really simple and smooth. Check it out…


By now, you should have learned who you will be sharing a space with in your college dorm room. Have you connected with them yet? If not, you should! Reach out to them on Facebook, or through your school portal. Schedule a lunch or coffee with them. Though it may seem intimidating to meet with a complete stranger for a meet-and-greet, it is important that you try to make a connection with them before move-in day. After all, you will be spending quite a bit of time with them this upcoming year. You may even end up being the closest of friends! Sometimes, due to distance, you are unable to meet with your roommate before arriving to the university, but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with them online. The internet is a wondrous thing. Why don’t you try to schedule a video chat meet-and-greet!

Another important topic of discussion during this visit with your new roomie is to discuss who is bringing the fridge, TV, microwave, printer, etc. Figure out what you want to have in the room and who will be bringing what. It is nice to collaborate beforehand so you don’t end up with unnecessary doubles which just take up space. Also, chat with your roommate about music interests, sleeping habits, allergies, etc., and gain a basic understanding of what alterations you both may need to make to your current lifestyles, as to avoid any headaches and/or arguments later on.



Are you moving to a new state, or staying local? Do you need a new bank account? A new credit card? Setting up official financial business before leaving for college will be essential to an easy transition to your new city/state/country and to starting your college career.

If you don’t have a banking account yet, it may be time to access one as you may not be tied to the good ole Bank of Mom&Dad. Access to personal finances is needed for books, supplies, and the late-night pizza run. If you do already have a banking account, make sure that there is a branch near your school for ATM access. Some schools even partner with certain bank franchises, making your student ID double as a debit card.



Make a list of all the living essentials, both big and small, and begin stocking up now. You are probably used to your home supply of band-aids, Advil, toilet paper, and spare towels and sheets,  but these are things you may actually need to purchase ahead of time for your dorm. You will appreciate it when you approach your first cold/flu of college and it is pouring rain/snowing out your window.



While you’re at it, don’t forget your school supplies. Most every university will have a student store with all your school supply needs, however they are commonly more expensive and always have a line out the door. Doing a Costco or Target run with Mom/Dad before leaving for school will provide you with a whole years worth of supplies. You don’t want to get caught in line at the bookstore, trying to buy a pencil, before your midterm exam!



If you are planning on working during college, it is important to start applying now. On-campus jobs can be very competitive, and if you’re attending university in a small town, the local jobs are typically given away on a first-come, first-serve student basis and come September there will be an influx of students arriving all at once. Maybe you won’t have a car during the first year in college so having a job that is walking distance will be essential.

Grab your computer and start looking for job postings while you’re working on your summer tan. Check out your college’s city newspaper, Craig’s List, and your school’s website for these postings. Don’t forget to polish your resume!


Stay excited!!

-Your National College Planning Solution Team