Transfer Students: You still have time to apply to a UC school!

According to the University of California Admissions Website:

Transfer students now have until Jan. 4, 2016 to submit their application for admission.

We’re doing all we can to make transfer easier. That includes giving students a little more time to complete their UC application. Even if you’ve already started an application, you can still complete it or apply to more campuses.

And remember, fee waivers are available to help eligible students cover the cost of applications for up to four campuses.

Why is UC extending the deadline?

The university plans to expand enrollment next fall by 5,000 students to help address the rising demand for admission from California students. As we grow, we want to do all we can to reach the goal outlined in the California Master Plan to enroll one new transfer student for every two new freshmen.

Expanding the application window for transfer students through Jan. 4 will give UC-ready students – including those who might not have initially seen themselves as competitive – more time to consider and apply for UC.

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