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Caroline King

Member Status: Accredited

Member No: NCS15-02518

Location: Hythe

I am a Polyvagal Trauma Recovery Psychotherapist working with women who are juggling life and suffering on the inside. Trauma healing requires more than just talking therapy alone. So if you're looking for something different I am a body-centred Psychotherapist, and I provide a holistic approach using an integration of Polyvagal, Somatic and Sensorimotor skills. This means we place importance on what we experience in the body - the bodily sensations and sensory experiences all give us very useful information in order to be able to heal trauma.

I provide a professional, remote service for women struggling with the intense pressures of life such as childbirth, grief, menopause, relationships and corporate careers. Face to Face consultations available near Hythe, Kent.

If you can’t remember the last time you felt calm or relaxed, please feel welcome to get in touch and request a call back.


Is your nervous system working over-time? Our bodies hold our stories, our experiences and our traumas.

From childbirth to loss, grief, or even fast-paced working environments – women face a huge number of biological and psychological events in their lifetimes that can drastically impact the nervous system.

This can lead to very strong emotions, irritability, fearfulness, anxiety and depression that interrupt our quality of life.

If you feel burnt-out, frazzled, tired, irritable, anxious or constantly “wired” your nervous system could be in over-drive from trauma or stress.

Trauma has a habit of permanently living inside our movements, postures, tissues, fascia, muscles, organs, gut, cells, emotions and behaviours. To feel better, the body has to let go of stored trauma.

As a qualified psychotherapist I am trained and experienced in using a tailored “mind-body” approach to trauma healing. This is not talking therapy, yoga or mindfulness – it is a nuanced and compassionate “re-tuning” of your nervous system.

Trauma can change us.

When you learn how your physiology changes after chronic stress and trauma, you learn that it’s not you.

You are not too needy, sensitive, anxious, depressed or reactive – it’s your nervous system responding that way.

I have worked in the health and wellbeing industry for over 30 years and transitioned into psychotherapy in 2017.

My professional background and continued interest in neurobiology has always led me to support both the physiological and psychological elements of therapy.

Overcoming my own personal traumas has inspired me to support other women through their struggles. I want all of my clients to find inner peace and happiness – particularly when other therapies have failed them.

As your Polyvagal specialist, I am here to help your body let go of the trauma it’s been holding onto.

Please feel welcome to email me or request a call back.


Trauma healing needs more than just talking therapy, it also requires a body-based approach.

Polyvagal trauma therapy is a therapeutic approach developed by Dr Stephen Porges that focuses on understanding and regulating the autonomic nervous system, specifically the vagus nerve, to promote emotional regulation and overall wellbeing.

For women, Polyvagal therapy can be especially beneficial in managing stress, anxiety, and trauma-related symptoms. Women often experience unique stressors related to societal expectations, reproductive health, and interpersonal relationships.

Polyvagal therapy helps women cultivate a sense of safety and connection, promoting resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Feel welcome to contact me directly to discuss your needs or to arrange a call back.


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