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Students and Parents Love NCPS

“I thank you, your husband, and your team for everything you have helped me with. It will forever be unfathomable as to how thankful I am for all of you. The kindness of your hearts will be remembered, my gratitude is unable to be expressed through words, and my success in college will show that your help is not to go in vain. For all of the help I received, I feel eternally grateful. My future has become clearer due to your help. All I am to think of now is my future and my dreams, a fresh start, and an attainable prize which would be my Bachelors Degree and further on. Your kindness has affected me in every positive way. I hope the future brings you great things, you all truly deserve it.”

Danielle – Camarillo, Graduate

“Lexi is absolutely loving Chapman!  Even though it has only been a couple of weeks since classes began, so far she is really enjoying them all!  She has met friends that she connects to, and is feeling at home in her new environment.  She truly could not be happier!

Cindy, I am sending you this email because I am hoping that you will feel a part of this joy, for you were a big part of her journey to Chapman!   I have thought of you often these past couple of weeks, and want you to know that we so appreciate all the help and support that you gave us this past year. Thank you! We couldn’t have done it without you and your wonderful team!”

Jill – Oak Park – Parent

“I want to let you know that I really realized more the value of your service this last week.  When speaking with past principals and other school staff, they were shocked that Taylor was going to attend USD.  They remarked that it is a very good school but so expensive.  I realized that without your guidance and help we probably would have never pursued USD.  This is what had happened with me when graduating high school.  No one showed me that it could be done and how.  Taylor was fortunate to have guidance and now he is going to attend a great university with great financial aid.”

Veronica – San Luis Obispo, Parent