NCPS | Restoration to the Register

A former registrant who has been removed from the Society's Register following the outcome of a disciplinary hearing may apply to rejoin the Register. Applications for re-joining should be made in writing to the Registrar who will in turn refer the matter to the Professional Standards Committee.

An application for restoration cannot be made until five years have elapsed since the removal, except in circumstances where, as part of the original complaints process, a Society panel varied this condition. In addition, a former Registrant may not make more than one application for restoration in any twelve months. If a former Registrant makes two applications for restoration which are refused the Professional Standards Committee may also direct that the applicant’s right to make further application is suspended indefinitely- this is known as a “Barring Order”.

In applying for restoration to the Register the burden of proof is on the applicant to prove that they are suitable to be returned to the Register. The Professional Standards Committee will have sight of the original complaint file before considering the application. At its

sole discretion, the Committee may require the applicant to attend an interview.

Possible outcomes of Application for Restoration are:

The application is successful and registration is unconditionally restored

The application is successful and registration is restored, but with conditions on registration

The application is conditionally successful, subject to either a further re-assessment, further conditions prior to registration, or


The application is unsuccessful and the applicant is not restored to the Register

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