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The NCPS are advocating for direct access to counselling and psychotherapy via the Accredited Register program, allowing patients to choose their own therapist and treatment modality. By reducing waiting lists and improving access to mental health support, patients can receive early intervention and reduce the long-term costs to the NHS and society. Patients who can choose their therapist and modality are invested in their care and more likely to improve, and this approach can help prevent the development of chronic mental health conditions. Additionally, providing a choice of practitioner and modality can remove mental health inequalities and ensure that high-quality, timely, and appropriate mental health support is available to all.

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England

NHS - Adult Psychiatric Morbidity in England - 2007, Results of a household survey

Briefing Note - Labour Party

To support the Labour Party in their mental health policy work for their upcoming 2023 Manifesto, we have produced a briefing note outlining the issues with mental health provision in the UK, and how the Accredited Register programme could help resolve these. You can read the briefing note here.

Briefing Note: Mental Health Provision in the UK

Consultation Response - Progress Improving Mental Health Services

Our response to a recent Government consultation on the progress that has been made in improving mental health services. This consultation was based on the National Audit Office (NAO) investigation and report, which you can find here.

Consultation Response Cover

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