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"With fifty years’ experience behind me of the different organisations related to counselling and therapy in Britain, my choice of membership of the NCS is because I believe It recognises that counsellors and therapists should be encouraged to develop their own style and practice, and to become autonomous, rather than fall in slavishly behind standardised regulations, while at the same time of course adhering to the sound ethical principles that the NCS promotes."

Michael Jacobs (Fellow)

“Hi, my name is Angie Hobson and I have worked as a counsellor since 2001 for different organisations, both in the public and voluntary sectors. I currently work in a specialist role for an NHS Trust.

I have found The National Counselling Society to exceptionally approachable and supportive. I particularly like to the electronic version of the Counselling Matters Magazine – very user and environmentally friendly. I receive lots of links for CPD opportunities (reasonably priced) and my experience of actually attending one in person (pre COVID of course) was an absolute joy and super refreshing, it reinforced my existing skills and confidence and led me to gain a new perspective on the topic.

What I have found to be exceptional though, has been the wealth of support and information available during the past 12 months. As soon as there has been an important announcement or significant change, I have received a link which has provided me with insight and clarity. NCS feels fresh and innovative, and I’m so pleased to be an accredited member.”

Angie Hobson (MNCPS Acc.)

"My name is Mandy Dunnico. I have been Accredited and part of the NCS for many years now. It’s always felt like a really positive and compassionate community. There is always up to date information on workshops and/or receiving additional support. The moment I joined, I felt very welcomed and enjoy keeping up with all the latest news that comes with being a qualified therapist. I have never regretted joining and always promote the NCS to anyone who needs a safe place to create confidence within their work and personal life."

Amanda Dunnico (MNCPS Acc.)

“Becoming an Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society has enabled me to grow my business by attracting new clients who are reassured by The Professional Standards Authority endorsement. I know I will be kept updated with the latest legal and ethical guidelines and have access to invaluable learning materials and training opportunities.”

Sarah Robins (MNCPS Acc.)

“Being a member of NCPS has been a really supportive, and professionally engaging experience. Since qualifying I have felt held, heard, and included within this highly respectful, open, transparent, and encouraging society. NCPS has my best interests as a practitioner at the heart of their processes; I am a member who feels part of a community that works for me, and with me. Who can ask for anything more than that?”

Anna Palmer (MNCPS Acc.)

"With fifty years’ experience behind me of the different organisations related to counselling and therapy in Britain, my choice of membership of the NCPS is because I believe It recognises that counsellors and therapists should be encouraged to develop their own style and practise, and to become autonomous, rather than fall in slavishly behind standardised regulations, while at the same time of course adhering to the sound ethical principles that the NCPS promotes."

Denise McCunnell (MNCS Acc.)

"I have been a member of The NCPS for many years and seen it flourish over that time. Even as the organisation has grown, the ethos has remained the same. My communications have always been dealt with in a timely, supportive, and collaborative manner; I would highly recommend NCPS as an organisation and as a member."

Remona Jenkins (PNCPS Acc.)

"I am delighted with the ethos of NCPS. I feel that we are treated as individuals and that each of us has a voice and that we matter.

As lead tutor of Skills & Learning Counselling Academy in Poole, I am proud that our L4 diploma is accredited by NCPS. It was by no means an easy process and I feel that we have earned it and I am grateful for the support of NCPS throughout the process.

Those trainees of ours, who have joined NCPS feel supported, included, and informed. It is not always those that shout loudest, that are mightiest!"

Maureen Torpey (MNCPS Acc.)

"I have just become an Accredited member of the NCPS. I found them brilliant and supportive and worked hard to get my accreditation done ASAP as I had a job offer waiting on it. Otherwise, I would still be waiting. They liaised with my course provider and kept in contact and seemed to pull out all the stops, so I didn't lose that opportunity. I can highly recommend them. Very professional and really helped in the midst of a crisis."

Tina Ellison (MNCPS Acc.)

“I have been a member of The NCPS since I became qualified in 2015 and found the organisation to be extremely helpful and professional. I have enjoyed many benefits from CPD, helpful literature, insurance discount and membership assistance.”

Patch Welling (MNCPS Acc.)

"I would recommend the NCPS to any Counsellor who is thinking of joining a professional body. This is an organisation that genuinely puts its members at the heart of its work. It makes such a difference to be part of an association where I feel connected, respected, and supported. It’s so refreshing to experience NCPS staff as only an e-mail or a telephone call away, without queuing up to ask a question.

NCPS has a strong heartbeat, and it pumps to all parts of its professional body - registrants, website, newsletter, ethical framework; I’m delighted to be so well looked after."

Deirdre Coughlan (PNCPS Acc.)

"I am really proud to be a member of NCPS.

As a Senior Accredited Registrant and Approved Supervisor, I was recently audited - and was pleasantly surprised by the lovely feedback and prompt response from Pauline Munday, Membership Services Team Leader, and the audit team. The whole process took less than a week.

The organisation is highly professional and efficient, yet person-centred at the same time. Things that I value and greatly appreciate."

Kala Patel (SNCPS Acc.)

“NCPS has counsellors themselves at the heart of their service. The CPD offered is varied, the journal a welcome read, support if/when needed is easy to access and very much promotes a sense of belonging to a community.”

Tracey Sainsbury (MNCPS Acc.)

“I joined The NCPS as a student in 2014 and went on to do my advanced psychotherapeutic Counselling and qualified. I feel privileged to be an accredited member of the NCPS, who are dedicated to its members and give support in helping me and other members to continue to grow in knowledge and more importantly to use this valuable knowledge to treat individuals with empathy and understanding. Helping others brings so much joy.”

Susan Pettifer (MNCPS Acc.)

"Joining NCPS was the best move I could have made. I find the staff in all departments supportive and helpful. They always respond to questions within a very short time and have a positive encouraging approach. Their ethical framework and guidelines are clear and easy to understand. I look forward to receiving Counselling Matters online magazine each month as the content is relevant and interesting."

Jane Bellamy (MNCPS Acc.)

"I enjoy being a member of NCPS for the personalisation experience. If I have ever needed to call, my query is dealt with quickly and efficiently, with a personal approach. Every person I’ve had the pleasure of talking to has taken time and effort to ensure I’ve felt supported. It’s a wonderful organisation."

Jayne Yeates (PNCPS Acc.)

"In the time I have been a member, I have really felt like The NCPS listens to and values its members. It is a challenging work environment for private practitioners and employed counsellors alike. It means a lot to feel like the membership body I belong to understands that and wants to find ways to support us as we do our work supporting others."

Rachel Hawkins-Crockford (MNCPS Acc.)

"When starting a business, you have more questions than answers that can so often crush your dream because the reality and the weight in these questions makes it seem so out of reach. When I started my counselling business, I brought a notebook with a bullet pointed list of questions to a phone call (or 10) to The NCPS. They, with extra patience, a very helpful and friendly tone answered all of my questions and more, they reassured me that I could do this, wanted to know more about the work I do and continually support me in my counselling business - for that - I am forever grateful. It’s so hard to explain how a society so big can be so personal to every member - I have had the ‘NCPS experience’ and I am confident and better equipped because of it."

Carole Grant (MNCPS Acc.)

"I appreciate being a member of The NCPS because I value the professional egalitarian approach to letting members know that they matter. It is a Society that promotes counselling and psychotherapy in an open, informative way thereby embracing cultural understanding and diversity in perspectives. I like the wholistic essence that is at the very core of the NCPS."

Lynne Souter-Anderson (Fellow)

"I joined NCPS on the Accredited Register. My experience of NCPS is that they are quick to provide clear and concise information to members. Resources are easily accessible and up to date, this has been most evident throughout the COVID-19 situation.

NCPS uphold the ethical standards one would expect from a professional membership association. Members are regularly consulted, and their input and views genuinely considered."

Georgia Swift (MNCPS Acc.)

"As a member for over 10 years, I have always appreciated NCPS's common sense approach, their dedication to the interests of clients and therapists alike, and their efforts in protecting the rich and diverse nature of therapy."

Richard Clarke (MNCPS Acc.)

"NCPS cares about its members. Always there for help and advice and a plethora of courses on offer for CPD. As a private practice therapist, I never feel alone.”

Jill Abbott (MNCPS Acc.)

"With the right balance of consistency and presence, the NCPS offers a supportive, active and informed environment which understands mine and my clients’ needs."

Paul Roebuck (MNCPS Acc.)

“I am really happy to be with The NCPS. For me, they are 100% human and I feel that I am a considered member not a number. Their customer service is exceptional and the training opportunities (fortunately I can “attend” more now due to lockdown) are many and varied. I recommend NCPS to all my counselling peers and to students in training too.”

Sophie Rantzau (MNCPS Acc.)

"I have been a Member since 2012 and will continue for as long as I am in this profession.

The NCPS is highly professional and friendly at the same time. They always reply to any queries swiftly and are very knowledgeable about various issues surrounding Accreditation.

Also, they will write a letter on your behalf if there is an issue with a company that does not recognise NCPS' Professional Accredited status via the Professional Standards Authority.

All staff have good knowledge of procedures and practices and if need be, they will refer you onto someone within NCPS who can help."

Karen Young (MNCPS Acc.)

"I have been a member of the NCPS for 9 years. Firstly as a student member then ever since qualifying.

The Society completely suits my needs. I have always had a quick response from any queries I've had and found the staff to be very helpful. I have no desire currently to join any other organisation as a result of the service the NCS provides."

Melanie Bambridge (MNCPS Acc.)

"Just a quick note to tell you how hugely impressed we’ve been by the support we’ve had from NCPS this year and the people who have joined our organisation that are your members."

Managing Director, Professional Help Limited

“I would like to recommend the NCPS as a great resource for articles and news of upcoming training events. I have attended a course in Manchester which was excellent. (Grow your own practice) I only wish there were more in the north of England. Every time I have needed to change anything on my profile it has been done with speed and excellent communication. I only wish more people could get to know their worth in the field of counselling.”

Annette Mattingle

“I joined NCPS many years ago. I was thinking of applying to another professional body for accreditation, but when I saw how 'wholesome' the NCPS application form was I chose to go with NCPS. It has been a tremendous support, not only through its very worthy and regular newsletter but also when I have made contact to become fully informed around an ethical issue. My other source of advice was nowhere near as informative or supportive.”

Carol Haigh

“In my experience, the NCPS have always responded very promptly to any requests for information. If they don't know the answer straight away, they go and find out and get back to me – the NCPS can be relied on and that really makes a difference.”

Caroline Nottage

“Being a member of the NCPS has made me even prouder to be a Therapist and consolidated the process of accreditation into meaningful and achievable steps. In contrast to some other associated societies, it makes the members feel part of a community of 'people', rather than another statistical 'tick-box'. I am proud to be a Counsellor and associated with the NCPS!”

Clive Lubert

“My decision to become a member of The NCPS was due to the fact that not only were my current qualifications considered valuable but also my past profession as a Social Worker. My work as a social worker, both as a generic and family team worker, provided me with a wealth of "coal face" experience that has been invaluable as a counsellor and The NCPS could clearly see the link between the two professions. I am extremely proud to be an accredited member and value the regular contact I have with the Society.”

Heather Morgan - Dip S.W. CQSW, Dip Clinical & Pastoral Counselling. MSC (Acc)

“I am really happy I decided to join NCPS. I have recently done a seminar that I would never have known about had it not been for the Newsletter. I find the Newsletters both interesting and informative. I enjoy belonging to an organisation that is supportive without being constantly 'in your face'.”

Helen Gale

“Joining the NCPS was the best move I ever made, my queries have always been answered quickly and in a simple way. I look forward to the news letters which are also precise and to the point with interesting and useful information.”

Jane Taylor - JIT Counselling

“I joined the NCPS because it regards counselling as a 'vocation' and in my dealings with them over the last two years I have always found the office extremely warm, helpful and friendly. I feel privileged to belong to an organisation which puts its member counsellors and their clients first above the glorification of the organisation itself.”

June Sime

“I was so impressed with the Professional approach of this organisation that I decided to become an Accredited Member. What I liked most about their approach was the "whole" approach they accepted when applying for membership, which included not only Professional Development and Training Undertaken, but they were interested in all the Personal Development work as well. I feel this is so important in our field when working with the sensitive issues of our clients. Thank you for the opportunity to add this comment.”

Kathleen Savage

“I particularly enjoy receiving the NCPS Newsletter; I’ve found it to be interesting and informative. Thanks for the work that goes into preparing it.”

Linda Newbold

“Applying for professional membership and accreditation was a very thorough and professional process and I have found since becoming a member that I am immediately sent important announcements and don't have to wait until the monthly newsletter is released. I found the organisation is fair in their assessment of members and they holistically looked at my contributions to the counselling profession. I found too, that contact I have made with the NCPS, my queries has been responded to quickly. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I wished I had changed my professional body sooner and joined the NCPS earlier.”

Mary Parsons

“Access to latest events and online information, status/reassurance when seeking/servicing clients, a forum for discussion and feedback, access to support services, non-intrusive presence which is both 'there when needed' and 'not' when not, over and above regular newsletters etc. A well run organisation with effective 'background' presence which is much appreciated in most persons' busy lives and an example which other 'support organisations' would do well to follow.”

Mike Hoinville

“I’ve just recently become a member of the NCPS and have already been approached by a magazine for essential services to promote my business - this wasn’t an area that I thought about but seeing as I have a background in nursing it would be very fitting to offer my services in this line of work as daily I have gone through what these valuable members of staff have experienced. They picked up my details from the Counselling Society webpage.”

Moira Rowan

“I find the NCPS keeps me up-to-date via regular emails, so if there are jobs, announcements or advice, I get them now, not 2 months later in an environmentally unfriendly, chunky journal. Your administrative staff are pleasant and an email response is usually received within hours. I am delighted to have joined the NCPS.”

Pam Gully - NCS Accredited Counsellor

“I have been with NCPS 2007. The accreditation system was particularly inspiring for me and the questions were most suited to my style of writing compared to other accreditations which I found very difficult if I was to achieve and enhance my confidence in my practice.
The articles are most inspiring and informative. The authors of the articles show a huge understanding of their own philosophies and techniques, I am always eager to read the newsletter.
The CPD courses are spread around the country, so throughout the course of the year there seems to be a venue I could get to if I wanted. There is a great range of studies and workshops to attend that would be invaluable to any one of us therapists wanting to enhance our practice.”

Phyllis Holmes

“The NCPS has been supportive and friendly throughout my time with them. I have grown from a student to a full time qualified and experienced counsellor and they have helped me along my journey. The team are brilliant and invaluable. It's well worth being a member.”

Sally-Anne Aston

“I have been an accredited member of the society for some five years and during that time have benefited from my membership in a number of ways.
I believe that it is essential to be an accredited member of a professional body in order to perform my work as a Counsellor / Mental health practitioner effectively and safely. It has been good to know that, should I ever need it, there exists the help and support of a professional body. I also maintain my membership in the knowledge that it 'is there' - we cannot 'do what we do' unsupported and unrepresented. I also welcome the newsletters and read the articles with interest - when the concerns about registration of counsellors and the HPC and other government initiatives were being discussed, the society was there, in the front line, representing its members and asserting its influence.
I know that I have developed, both professionally and personally, in so many ways since becoming a member, and the open and progressive attitude of the society has been a supportive and reassuring influence on many levels. It is also very good value for money compared to the other professional bodies out there.”

Simon Hornby

“The website is an excellent source of the latest thinking in counselling. Its articles are concise and always well-written, making them a valuable reference for professionals.”

Vanadis Ward

“Being a member of the NCPS has been a very positive experience. I was made to feel of value from the start, and received the sort of help in becoming a member that other organisations don't even talk about. I am kept informed on all important issues on counselling and therapy, and have attended an interesting and well organised CPD course which I considered to be of excellent value. I cannot praise the society high enough. Thank you NCPS."

Walter F McCann
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