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Broadway Lodge Ltd

Broadway Lodge is a compassion-infused, abstinence-based addiction treatment centre that can accommodate up to 40 adults. Since 1974, Broadway Lodge has helped to transform the lives of more than 16,000 people, supporting them in their recovery from addiction to alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs, gambling, sex and gaming. We are one of few addiction treatment centres in the UK to offer both comprehensive therapeutic treatment and medically managed detoxification on-site.

Our experienced team of nurses and health care assistants care for patients who are detoxing 24/7, ensuring they are made as comfortable as possible throughout. Our medical team remain available for the rest of a patient’s treatment duration to support with any medical needs that may arise. This team includes Nurse Prescribers, Registered General Nurses and Mental Health Nurses and we also have a Consultant Psychiatrist that we may recommend a patient to see if appropriate. There are some therapeutic interventions during detox to enable patients to start addressing their addiction and presenting issues but the programme is reduced at this stage, as the main aim of detox is to help clients feel physically better.

The full therapeutic programme is based in the main house and delivered by a multidisciplinary team of counsellors, therapists and nurses. Clients can immerse themselves into our therapeutic programme for up to 24 weeks which is designed to enable them to understand their addiction, address underlying causes, to develop the tools for a long-term recovery and to nurture their mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The 12 steps forms an important part of treatment that clients are guided to work through at their own pace. It is a framework that is particularly helpful for life after treatment that helps a person to sustain their recovery for the long-term. However, the 12 steps is just one element of treatment. At Broadway Lodge there are a wide range therapeutic interventions delivered in a mixture of individual and group sessions, including:

• Powerful daily group therapy (at least once each day)

• One to one counselling (on average, two per week but this can increase in response to client needs).

• Psycho-educational lectures

• Variety of creative, mindfulness, spiritual and recovery-related workshops

• Assignments to work through presenting issues

• Therapeutic films

• Relapse prevention

• Mini groups, gender groups and topic groups


• Hypnotherapy

• Auricular acupuncture

• Reiki

• Massage

• Fellowship meetings

• Ex-resident shares

01934 812319

Butterflies Child and Adolescent Counselling Service CIC

‘We believe that that every child/young person has the right to access Therapeutic Support enabling them to nurture and develop an ‘internal locus of evaluation’, whereby their resilience grows thus providing the platform for developing a positive Mental Health, which affords them with the opportunity and ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships not only with others but also with themselves as they work to find their place in their world.’

Butterflies provides a therapeutic service for children and adolescents between the ages of 4 years to 18 years who have experienced Abuse and Trauma and/or any other related issues. We work Integratively incorporating various techniques and strategies by using Creative Interventions such as Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Laughter Therapy, Talking and Solution Focused Therapies, EFT (Tapping) and CATT (Child Accelerated Trauma Therapy.) We also work with and support parents whilst their child is undertaking therapy with our service.

Our Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning Service is an 'Experiential Modality' of Mental Health Treatment where the child participates in activities with horses and then works with the support of a facilitating team to process their thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and patterns.

We have an Equine Bullying Programme in which we visit schools to raise awareness of Bullying and run equine workshops during school holidays. | | 01424 775187​

Changes for Life Ltd

Changes 4 Life is a Home Counties centred counselling service dedicated to making high quality counselling and therapy accessible to all who need it. We have a growing team of carefully selected professionals whose aim is to support people in changing their lives for the better by offering high-quality mental health and wellbeing support.

Our team of experienced counsellors and therapists work with both adults and adolescents, covering all areas of mental and emotional health and wellbeing, ranging from bereavement, depression, anxiety states, trauma recovery, anger management, relationships issues and self-esteem, performance issues and many more.

As an agency we are committed to providing the highest possible standards of counselling and therapy. We aim to support the mental health and the emotional wellbeing of our clients as fully as possible. Whether supporting clients individually, as couples, or in groups the client is at the centre of what we do. We offer a safe, supportive and compassionate environment where we support our clients to develop understanding and connection with their own inner resources, enabling them to live their lives to their full potential.

We are a diversity inclusive team offering specialist care in the areas of ASD and ADHD. We also offer a low cost solution to those most in need and provide placements to counselling students.

Get in contact now if you would like to benefit from any of our services.

Clean Slate

Providing a service that empowers, builds self-esteem, and develops the talking and coping skills of adults and young people.
We support male and female victims of physical, sexual, mental, emotional and financial abuse regardless of age, race, culture, sexuality, We aim to improve their mental health and build healthy pathways for the future, for them and their families.
We have a huge passion for empowering people who have suffered at the hands of abusers. We believe these individuals deserve support and not to be shunned by society into the corner. Mental health is everyone’s business. We all have times when we feel down or stressed or frightened. Most of the time, those feelings pass. But sometimes they develop into a more serious problem and that could happen to any one of us.

Counselling | Clean Slate | England | | 01869 232461

Fairwinds Cornwall Ltd

Fairwinds Cornwall is commissioned to provide bespoke mental health and wellbeing support to fishermen and farmers in Cornwall to do this we provide a unique and flexible service utilising and outreach style approach including walk and talk therapy.

Fairwinds offers a range of services and psychological interventions catered for the specific needs of our clients. We offer psychological assessment or single session therapy, psychodynamic counselling therapy, brief (time limited) counselling therapy, and future-focused coaching techniques (solution focused, goal setting techniques) and Cognitive behavioural therapy.

We work closely with partnership agencies to provide in direct supervision and consultation within our fishing and farming networks in Cornwall.


HT Counselling Services Ltd

HT Counselling Services offers a professional service to individuals, children and young people (CYP) and businesses with a wide range of Counselling and ‘Alternative Therapy’ services including Nail Services, Hypnotherapy and Holistic Therapies in the Worcestershire and surrounding West Midlands area.

Our counsellors offer an open-minded, non-judgmental, and accepting environment. We believe in treating our clients with respect, warmth and sensitivity with an understanding of how difficult it can be to make the first step into getting some support.

From the beginning of your first contact with our service, you will be listened to, understood and supported. Each counsellor offers a unique approach that is tailored to suit your requirements and needs and to aid a deeper understanding of your self and your feelings. This can help you manage your emotions more effectively and help you begin to make changes, take control of yourself and to feel happier in your life.

All our counsellors are highly skilled counsellors whom together provide over 50+ years of skills and experience.

Our in-person practice is based in the heart of Aston Fields in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire and has easy access to various transportation links including Bromsgrove Train Station (10 minute walk) and Bus routes (directly opposite).

Our nationwide online services offer the same standard of practice, as with in-person and our Counsellors are all sufficiently experienced and trained to ensure the ‘therapeutic space’ is a safe, open-minded, non-judgmental, and accepting environment.

We also offer an Affordable Counselling Service (ACS) which is a nationwide Counselling service for individuals (18+ years). Offering appointments both in-person and online. ACS is facilitated by Counsellor’s in Training and qualified Counsellors. / / 07936 714259

https://affordablecounsellings... / / 07828 286856

Inspired Neighbours CIC

Inspired Neighbourhoods, as a community interest company is very keen to develop professional links and connections in order to serve our community better.

We have mental health support workers, who are supporting our clients on their way to recovery.

We run a Culture Adapted Behavioural Activation project, which is delivering very specific psychotherapy to our clients, and is part of research done in cooperation with Leeds University.

We deliver hands on support such like benefits and employment advice; we support people with autism.

We offer a counselling service with three counsellors working on a daily basis with our clients. Two of our counsellors specialise in working with people recovering from trauma and one of our counsellors is working with clients suffering from loss.


01274 665598

Lenadoon Community Counselling Service

Lenadoon Community Counselling Service was set up in 1998 by residents of the Lenadoon area, after a spate of suicides. As years went by, the service continued to grow respectfully, gathering our long standing reputation for providing confidential, caring and professional counselling and talking therapies. Our service is free and takes place in a safe and confidential place where people are listened to, respected and given a sense of value. We work in partnership with clients from all walks of life with the aim of helping to build on their strengths, resilience and coping skills in a non-judgmental manner, regardless of their issues, background, religion or creed. | Tel: 02890 600641

Mersey Counselling and Therapy Centre

MCTC was founded in 2011 with a vision to provide a fully professional counselling and psychotherapy service to anyone in need, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, psychiatric diagnosis, class and especially ability to pay. MCTC does not recognise any ‘labels’ that may be assigned to individuals by society, the medical profession or even themselves and treats each person as a unique and valuable individual.

Today, MCTC has a team of 16 part time therapists, all fully qualified and either professionally accredited or actively working towards accreditation.

We also have a fully equipped art room and an extensive library of around 3000 titles covering a wide range of topics related to the theory and practice of counselling, psychotherapy, psychology and philosophy. |

New Dawn Therapies CIC |

Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre

OSARCC was founded in 1979 as a collective of women, all volunteers, working to support women who had experienced rape and sexual abuse. Since 2009 OSARCC has been a charity, with a board of trustees, paid employees, and volunteers all working together to support survivors across Oxfordshire. OSARCC is an inclusive organisation who actively challenge discrimination in all its forms (including but not limited to discrimination based on race, religion, sexuality, disability, age, and class) and welcomes contact from women from all walks of life, including sex workers and trans women. At OSARCC we know that all survivors are different, and therefore aim to provide a range of support services to suit each individual, including telephone and email support, face to face support groups, counselling and advocacy services. We also recognise that supporting a survivor can feel isolating and our helpline and email support are also open to supporters of survivors of all genders, whether they are professionals, parents, partners, or friends. |

Retail Trust

The charity for everyone working in retail. For nearly 200 years, the Retail Trust has been caring for and protecting the lives of retail workers.

We’re on a mission to transform the lives of retail colleagues by empowering them with the tools for a happier, healthier and more hopeful life.

Colleagues can take control of their wellbeing through the services we provide:

  • Confidential website with personalised tools. The Retail Trust website is packed full of articles, quizzes, videos and guidance on everything from mental health and wellbeing to career and lifestyle.
  • Counselling and brief therapy via NCPS and BACP qualified counsellors.
  • 24-hour wellbeing helpline for in-the-moment support.
  • Legal and financial guidance with qualified specialists.
  • Financial aid.
  • Plus much more.

Visit the Retail Trust for more details:

Service Six

Service Six is a Northamptonshire based charity who, for over 40 years, have been helping the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, young people and their families in our local communities to overcome issues effecting their lives including: low self-esteem, bullying, bereavement, depression, self-harming and traumatic experiences through a wide range of services such as counselling, support and thematic project activities.

The services we provide are life-changing and often life-saving for the children and young people who access them and their families. Our needs-led and bespoke activities not only aim to help service users overcome their problems they currently face but also to provide them with the life-skills they will need to deal with problems that they may face in the future, hence our strapline: “Changing Lives, Creating Futures

01933 277520

Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE)

We are one of the leading domestic abuse recovery organisations in Devon and beyond. Our journey started as a local federated branch of Women’s Aid in 1974. Today, we’re a nationally focussed charity building a world free from the impact of trauma through therapy, training, research and partnerships. Since 1974, we’ve honed our expertise to support people experiencing domestic abuse. Our team delivers a range of therapeutic programmes and professional training to organisations. We’re led by people with lived experience of trauma and a deep understanding of the capability to help people recover from its impact. The voice of survivors is at the centre of work, enabling reflection and shaping our delivery and approach. We believe for change to be effective it takes a whole unit to work cohesively. This is true of the families we support and the partners we work with to create change.

03030 300 112

Suicide & Co

Suicide&Co launched as a registered charity in July 2020, with the mission of supporting those bereaved by suicide, and opening up the conversation around suicide-related grief. Suicide loss can be isolating due to the stigma around suicide, individuals are often left to navigate complicated grief alone. |

The Eco Therapy Garden Community Interest Company

We are a small Community Interest Company registered since 2018, providing a personalised programme of Counselling and Eco Therapy. We are based in Knowsley Merseyside. We work closely with local community and other organisations to promote social prescribing, mental wellness, general health and reduce social isolation. We work with our local borough Council and are in the process of opening a community therapy forest garden, the plot of disused land is being leased to us for an initial five years with a view to a longer lease or asset transfer. |

The Megacentre Raleigh

The MegaCentre Rayleigh is an Essex-based, Christian charity which exists to bring joy, hope and life to the whole community. We believe that life is precious and that every child and young person should have the best opportunities to grow, learn, contribute and thrive in society and that every family should have access to the support that they need to live full lives.

We run a variety of programmes to support local young people and children including youth clubs, children’s groups, complementary education, family programmes and 1-2-1 support. Our youth and family teams support over 500 individuals and families each year.

As a social enterprise we also offer recreational activities including Megazone Laser Tag and Soft Play attracting thousands of children each year as well as providing approximately 40 young people with part time employment.

TheHub@TheMegacentre is a community resilience hub, based at The Megacentre, supporting the whole community in partnership with statutory and voluntary agencies in the local area.



uHub Therapy Centre

uHub was founded in 2016, by two fully qualified counsellors, registered with NCPS / BACP and with specialisms in cognitive behavioural therapy, life coaching and working with children and adults with autism or those who have experienced trauma or bereavement.

We are a fresh thinking and innovative charity in North Down. Our uHub provides a space for talking therapies, life coaching, CBT, play therapy, art therapy and multi disciplinary support groups supporting people from all walks of life.

All our counsellors are members of NCPS / BACP and adhere to their ethical guidelines. We provide a safe and confidential environment where feelings can be explored. We work from an integrated approach, psychodynamic / person centred which we tailor to meet the needs of each individual so they can get the best possible service and experience from their counselling.

We aim to offer a warm, supportive and non-judgemental way of working, which is focused around the client’s needs. Our clients are offered an initial assessment where the counsellor and client will work in collaboration to agree an approach for the work.

At uHub we have a wealth of experience working with children and young people including those with ASD, ADHD and behavioural problems. Our approach can be tailored to include creative therapy, CBT and systemic practice.


West Wellbeing Suicide Prevention Charity

02890 624373

Willows Counselling Service

Willows Counselling & Training is a leading provider of counselling services for adults and professional counsellor training in Swindon, Wiltshire and across the UK. With over 32 years’ experience of working in and supporting the community, Willows is passionate about helping and empowering people facing mental health and well-being concerns. As well as a general counselling service, Willows also specialises in abuse and trauma with its complexities. Whether in person, online or by phone, Willows offers a confidential space for people to talk.
A widely recognised and highly respected training agency, Willows run training courses for people to become professional counsellors and for those already working in the profession. From Level 2 Certificate to Level 5 Diploma, Willows training courses run throughout the year. Their training is judged as ‘outstanding’ by their awarding body, the Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body.
They also deliver an annual programme of workshops for Continuing Professional Development. Their workshops cover a variety of engaging subjects and are suitable for anyone to attend. They are led by some of the most sought-after International and National Speakers in the fields of counselling, psychology trauma and mental health.
01793 426 650

Your Emotional Support Service (YESS)

Your Emotional Support Service (YESS) is a charity based in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. We offer support to people of all ages who require specialist therapeutic interventions to manage their emotional health and well-being. We provide a range of talking and creative therapies using a blended approach from our base in Uttoxeter, as well as several schools, and community settings and we offer remote online or telephone appointments.

YESS has operated in the area for over 12 years and in that time, we have delivered and continue to deliver several projects funded by local authorities, the postcode lottery, and schools.

01889 567756

Youthshift International

Youthshift International is a Charity organisation that work alongside people facing crisis, young people at risk of offending, young offenders, adult prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families, providing Counselling, Mentoring & Coaching, We offer practical, social, relational and spiritual support within prison, through the gates and out in the community. Our programmes are a step-by-step process that helps people identify what it is they really want, what's preventing them from getting it, and how to break through any barriers to take action to start a new life and change their lives forever. Specialised planning, monitoring and feedback is involved. |

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