NCPS | Evening Talk about Family Constellations

This is for everyone living close to Exeter and interested in the Family Constellation approach.

Date: October 15th, 2018

Venue: "The Practice Rooms", 15-16 Castle Street, Exeter

Fee: 5 £

This is an evening talk for everyone who would like to know more about Family Constellations and the “Orders of Love”.

Family Constellations is a powerful, phenomenological, experiential approach that provides pathways out of emotional/physical disturbances, burdens, patterns and trauma passed on through the family system.

It locates the roots of human emotional and psychological disturbances and helps recognise difficult entanglements, both in the family of origin as well as in the present family or relationship.

The following questions will be anwered:

– What are Family Constellations?

– What are the “Orders of love”?

– What is a genogram?

– What happens in a constellation?

– Is a constellation a therapy?

– How and why and when do Family Constellations work?

– What should you consider if you are interested in participating in a constellation workshop?

– What are the effects, consequences, outcomes of participating in a constellation?

– What role do representatives play and why should someone choose to participate as a representative?

– What can I constellate i.e. work on in a constellation?

– Can constellations be manipulated or dangerous?

– Is there any religious or spiritual orientation behind the constellation approach?

If time allows there might be a demonstration of a constellation.

If you are interested please send an email to or visit the website for more information

About the speaker:

Ursula Bell is a counsellor and an accredited registered member of the National Counselling Society (NCS), UK. She has a profound training in Family Constellations and systemic medial counselling and is working with constellations since more than 5 years. She has facilitated more than 200 constellations with hundreds of participants of different backgrounds and nationalities. She just moved to Exeter from Malta where she built up Family-Constellations-Malta in 2016 and where she is still going back 3-4 times a year to continue her service.

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