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The back to school blues, and how you can deal with them

It’s a rare child who enjoys 100% of their education 100% of the time. Most of us remember that sinking feeling as the summer holidays came to an end, and most of us can sympathise with a child who’s ...

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Music and Mental Health

Many of us love music, but did you realise that it’s good for your mental health? It’s true! Researchers have found that dopamine levels increase in the brain when people listen to music that they enj...

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On your feet, Britain! Combating depression with exercise

How Many People Suffer With Depression in the UK? A mere couple of decades ago, the word ‘depression’ was associated by most people with a passing mood. Not with a chronic illness. Now, however, say t...

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Stress Awareness Day: What is stress, and can counselling help?

Stress is a huge problem in modern society. More and more of us are afflicted with chronic stress, and it’s making us miserable. If you’re suffering from stress it’s very important that you find ways ...

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Mental Health and Tinnitus

“A whining mosquito”; “a screaming kettle”; “like a steam train, puffing by”, “a muffled heartbeat”. Imagine what it’s like to hear noises in your head. They are strident and unceasing, yet everyone a...

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Time to Talk Day

Time to Talk Day is nearly upon us! This is a fantastic initiative, which encourages everyone to sit down and have a chat about mental health. We’re getting better, as a society, at talking about the ...

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Find a counsellor to help with trauma

‘Trauma’ is a word which is used a lot these days. Yet very few of us understand the true impact which trauma can have upon those experiencing it. Any event or incident can be ‘traumatic’ if it cause...

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Find a counsellor to help with OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a debilitating and much misunderstood condition. It causes serious distress for sufferers, and is agonising for family members and loved ones to witness. If you’re st...

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Finding a counsellor to help with financial issues

We all know that money matters can be stressful. What you may not realise is that there is a strong link between financial problems and mental illness. Our financial situation does not just govern o...

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