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Don’t Panic - Plan

I wonder how your second week of online practice has been? NCS Registrant Suzie Mosson, a director of Online Training for Counsellors, has some expert advice for practitioners making this move. Whethe...

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Why a Counselling Specialty?

You have put in the hard work and are enjoying a new and exciting career as a counsellor or psychotherapist, so why does it pay to then think about a specialism? Although some of us may shy away fro...

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Life after GDPR deadline……

Just like the millennium hype the introduction of GDPR has come and gone without a hitch. Pre the GDPR deadline our inboxes were bombarded by privacy policies and opt in options for everything from ...

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The Importance of a Counselling Contract

A ‘counselling contract’ (or a ‘counselling agreement’) is a mutual agreement between the counsellor and the client in which the outline of the therapeutic working alliance is presented. A counsel...

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Be Safe Out There!

There is an estimated 6.8 million people working alone in the UK. Internationally, this figure is much higher and is expected to rise as the continued change in working habits forces more remote worki...

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Keeping Records

One of the things our team at the Society run into time and time again when assessing audits of practice and applications for membership is a lack of record keeping, or confusingly and poorly kept rec...

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It's a Snow Day - Who Bears the Costs?

When it comes to finances, how do we balance our Business Need with Compassion? Whether it is a sudden snow day travel issue, a client who is left upset or disappointed following their therapy experi...

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Why Practitioners Should Learn About Health and Safety

When considering their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plan for the year, an often overlooked but very important part of a therapist’s portfolio is health and safety training, including firs...

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Why You Should Learn About Marketing Your Practice

Training to become a therapist is a huge undertaking, and during your studies you will learn an incredible amount about yourself and how to help your clients. One area in which many therapists find t...

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