NCPS | Why a Counselling Specialty?

You have put in the hard work and are enjoying a new and exciting career as a counsellor or psychotherapist, so why does it pay to then think about a specialism?

Although some of us may shy away from the term ‘expert’ there are clear advantages to making a choice to work with a particular group of clients or issue.

Clients who seek counsellors through a regulated members’ register such as the NCS are seeking confidence in their choice. When they arrive, they are looking at a long list of facts and information, seeking to make an instinctive decision on whom to trust, at a time they may feel at their most vulnerable.

Naturally, they are looking to find a connection.

Registrants are professionals, and as such put effort into how their service is communicated through register profiles, websites, photographs. So why would we not shout about being proud to work with particular issues and show that this is important to us?

For many, the niche area of choice will begin as a personal interest and will be developed. An interest or passion that we want to explore, and where we can be naturally authentic. Training, CPD, Writing – all become inspiring, interesting and worthy of our time and financial investment. Why would we not want to build a professional reputation on being passionate, experienced and knowledgeable, to work with a group of people about issues we can confidently hold?

Ultimately, we all want to love what we do, the essence of which will be communicated to our clients, when they find that safe pair of hands.

Likewise, when you become the client and are searching for specialist CPD, be as particular as you want your clients to be. Search out a quality assurance logo, such as the NCS. We award Advanced Specialist Training status to courses aimed at trained practitioners who offer extensive support to practitioners in developing their specialist area of work.

For more details about the NCS professional training standards:

or if you have been inspired to update your profile:

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