NCPS | What is an Accredited Register?

An Accredited Register is the result of the programme set up by the Department of Health and administered by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) who are an independent body, accountable to Parliament. The PSA accredits registers of people working in a variety of health and social care occupations - including the professional of Counselling.

The Accredited Register programme was set up to provide assurance of professional standards and is fast becoming the best way to promote quality within the field of Counselling. The PSA's standards include: being committed to public protection, risk management, education and training, governance, providing information, managing complaints and managing the register effectively.

The National Counselling Society holds a Register that is accredited by the PSA's Accredited Register programme and Counsellors on our register are known as Registrants.

In addition to those of the PSA, the National Counselling Society sets standards for its Registrants which include: committing to codes of conduct, competence and ethical frameworks and meeting entry level education requirements. The National Counselling Society's register also sets requirements for Registrants' personal behaviour, technical competence and, where relevant, business practice.

This means is that anyone who chooses a Counsellor listed on our Register are doing so with enhanced protection as they have the assurance that the high standards required to be listed are being met.

For Counselling professionals, being part of a recognised register such as the one held by the National Counselling Society enables them to display the Accredited Register quality mark as a sign that they belong to a register which meets the PSA's rigorous standards.

The National Counselling Society believes that all Accredited Registers should be seen as equal and we are delighted that recognition of the programme is growing:

. NHS Choices information list Accredited Registers to reflect what should be equality of choice for all clients and patients.

. NHS Employers has added content encouraging the use and detailing the benefits of Accredited Registers.

. Health Education England has amended the information on the NHS Health Careers website also to be in line with the aforementioned changes on NHS Choices and NHS employers sites, and promote inclusive hiring practices.

. The Department for Education recommends Accredited Registers and mentions the National Counselling Society specifically in its "Blue Print for Schools" document.

. The GMC highlights Accredited Registers as relevant to delegation and referral.

> So, the message seems clear:

> If you're looking for a counsellor, you should now only choose one on an Accredited Register approved by the PSA.


> All Counsellors should now belong to an Accredited Register.

> You can search for a counsellor here

> You can find our more about becoming a member of the National Counselling Society here:

>To find out more information about the National Counselling Society

> For more information about PSA

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