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We know you care about what you do and how you do it. We know this because you have chosen to be part of a community who feel the same way. Being on this register we share the same passion and are proud to go the extra mile to show we strive to work safely.

As with any service, there are risks attached to our profession and of course the very nature of the work seeks out those in emotional difficulty. When it comes to helping you with concerns or complaints, we are determined that you can and should demand from us the same care for you, that you offer your clients.

We understand how hard it can be to handle the disappointment of a client, to live with frustrations about reason and expectation which seemingly can’t be heard.

So, a very reasonable question you might ask us is ‘how does the NCS help me if a client complains?’

Here at the society we receive daily contact from the public, many genuine concerns about what has happened for them in therapy and our job on your behalf is to listen and advise. We directly step in on a daily basis to help mediate with the public, to explore with them that fine line between hurt and responsibility – and explain what they can and should expect of any and all our members.

So whilst the vast majority of what we do in this area will remain unseen by you, important learns are rightly absorbed by us and we strive use them to advise everyone on safe working practises, in the form of guidance and updates.

Occasionally however, it is necessary to involve a member to ensure fairness and that every voice is heard and considered with regards to a complaint. When this happens, it is still important to us that you are supported. The SSO or Society Support Officer is a direct recourse for members only who can step in to offer a confidential service, for you. A caring representative of the society who will help you navigate procedures, and who is purposefully separated from any dealings with a complaint, unless you ask them to step in on your behalf.

Because like you, we know it’s difficult and we want to help.

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