NCPS | GSRD – Including the Excluded

For those who may be unfamiliar with the term GSRD, Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity has been introduced to us as a simple way to utilize the power of an acronym to explain our commitment to embracing inclusivity.

An all-encompassing term GSRD positions gender, sexuality and relationships as broad categories rather than specific singular identities (such as for example LGBT). It allows for the recognition of shades within sexuality and gender and that we humans are so much more complex than a definitive relationship. This is allowing us to acknowledge and embrace our nuances.

As counsellors we work with and respect the many facets and parts of self, so what sense does it make to be strictly defined?

We at the NCS are rightly proud to shout about diversity issues, our code of ethics heralds positive and proactive statements leading to ‘fully developing our professionalism’ and offers guidance to help our members navigate this.

Of course, these guidelines are a working document and as our societal values and principals progress, change is inevitable. This starts with you, the recent enquiry was sent to members to ask for your views and exploring your commitment to this subject, helping us to understand how we can best serve both you and your clients.

In an industry where we can so fully recognise the pain that exclusion can bring, we can lead the way.

Follow the link to our code of ethics, section 2 ‘delivering a service’ defines our commitment’ which leads to appendix B further information and guidance.

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